3 Hour minimum protection on new British surface spray and non-alcoholic sanitiser

27 January, 21

An alcohol-free sanitiser for hands and personal belongings has just passed independent tests for efficacy and longevity in killing bacteria and viruses. Once applied, this British developed product works for a minimum of three hours by coating hands and surfaces with a microscopic layer which provides protection from bacteria and viruses throughout the day, giving much longer lasting protection than alcohol gels which work only for a few seconds.

Everyone is beginning to tire of using traditional alcohol-based sanitisers. They have to be applied many times a day because they are only effective until the alcohol evaporates, which happens almost immediately. SANZi’s sanitiser is different as it uses very low levels of advanced chemicals instead of high concentrations of alcohol. After application users will have protection, like an invisible glove, which keeps working for a minimum of three hours against bacteria and viruses. It is effective in seconds but last for hours and can be used to sanitise hands, credit cards, money, mobile phones and even table tops in café’s to block these objects from being a route of transmission.

The solution has undertaken rigorous testing, and while independent testing has confirmed the protection will exceed three hours from application, the Company suggests that it is used alongside regular hand washing with soap and water every 2-3 hours. The company stresses that this is not a replacement for continuing with good hygiene practices, such as regularly washing hands, but confirms that the application of SANZi adds a new level of protection and safety in between washing.

SANZi works by using tried and tested biocidal active substances with latest surfactants technology and natural plant extracts. The fact that is alcohol-free also means it hydrates skin, unlike alcohol-based sanitisers which do the opposite by removing the natural oils on the derma making it dry and prone to cracking. SANZi will kill more than 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, enveloped viruses and yeasts and moisturise at the same time.

SANZi combines Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC’s) and Cationic Surfactants to form a protective layer on the skin. Viruses that touch this layer are destroyed through a process called LYSIS, where QAC’s pierce the lipid fatty layer of the virus. This is achieved with extremely low levels of active ingredients, typically less than 0.25%. This is in contrast to alcohol-based sanitisers which require between 60-90% concentration to sanitise effectively. At these concentrations, alcohol-based sanitisers are highly toxic if ingested, a fire hazard, and damaging to the skin. With concentrations of QAC’s at only 0.25% SANZi still kills 99.99% of pathogens, meaning lower toxicity, safer sanitising and less skin damage.

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