87% of people are more conscious of harmful germs and bacteria because of covid

16 March, 21

Bioarmor-nano® is a manufacturing company specialising in laboratory tested nano-thin, invisible protective surface coatings that were originally tested to give 99.9% reduction in surface microbes and bacteria.

Bioarmor-nano® recently conducted a survey with 100 people across the UK to find out more about the cleaning habits with the focus being on ‘Are you more conscious of harmful germs and bacteria because of COVID?’.

The survey results revealed that an overwhelming 87% of respondents are more conscious of harmful germs and bacteria because of the COVID outbreak. Over the past 12 months, hygiene and the cleanliness of our homes in particular, has become of paramount importance – especially protecting our loved ones from harmful germs and bacteria.

When respondents were asked ‘what old habits have you now changed to ensure your home is as protected as possible?’ – the keywords that seemed to appear most were: washing hands, hand sanitiser, surfaces, door handles and antibacterial wipes.

Other results from the survey showed that 71% of people ‘would appreciate/buy a long-lasting coaching that stays effective in reducing surface bacteria – as a reliable added layer of protection’.

John Shaw, Bioarmor European Director commented: “There’s a huge upsurge in interest of all of our products, and the need to protect surfaces in our homes, products, devices and offices from the effects of harmful bacteria that target surfaces. It’s important to mention that not all bacteria and microbes are harmful, but the importance of keeping our personal spaces clean and protected from harmful microbes is one result of what we have learned from the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our products have been tested to ISO standards on the E-coli, MRSA and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria and we have now concluded successful testing on the phi6 virus in a controlled laboratory environment. The non-porous substrate treated with Bioarmor-nano® demonstrated a reduction of up to 95% of the phi6 enveloped virus after contact with it for 24 hours.

We are now in the process of negotiating with several high protocol level labs to test on the actual Coronavirus and will update the nation as soon as we have any further exciting news for protecting their important surfaces.”

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