Manufacturer celebrates two millionth product with market first

18 December, 23

A factory that supplied critical side channel blowers for ventilators procured by the German Government at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, has celebrated manufacturing its two millionth product. Looking forward, it has already introduced its new line of high-speed radial blowers, a global market-first which can save up to 50% of energy compared to previous blowers.

The milestone is being celebrated by Elmo Rietschle at its Bad Neustadt factory in northern Bavaria, Germany. Founded two decades ago when it was carved out from Siemens, Elmo Rietschle specialises in the design and manufacture of side channel blowers and liquid pumps for a range of industries including medical, food, beverages, packaging, plastics and woodworking. As such, its Bad Neustadt factory operates several different lines with an emphasis on high quality – its material specifications meet all ethical and environmental criteria such as Reach and RoHS, the company is certified according ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and its quality management system is certified to ISO 9001.

A particularly challenging time in 20 years of operations was experienced at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. In response to the crisis, Elmo Rietschle received a critical order from the German Government to produce over ten thousand blowers for ventilators in a matter of weeks. The factory shifted into overdrive, implementing three shifts and carefully managing its supply chain, which had been compromised by global lockdowns and disruptions.

Reflecting on previous years, Markus Kopf, Product & Market Manager, who has worked at the plant for the duration, commented: “We’ve seen a lot during our tenure; when we started operations at the plant, a lot of our work was on behalf of traditional markets e.g., the printing and the plastic industry where a large proportion of our customer still are.

The factory’s strategic focus is now on additional new markets such as the energy sector and carbon capture, where its high-speed radial blowers play a pivotal role. The blowers operate at much higher speeds than traditional counterparts and are designed to provide more efficient compression, necessitating innovations in areas such as bearing, cooling, and balancing concepts. Elmo Rietschle’s in-house knowledge and ongoing investments ensure these challenges are met.

In addition to the production milestone, Elmo Rietschle is committed to enhancing energy efficiency within its own footprint. The company is continually introducing new technologies, and recently installed a new photovoltaic system on its Bad Neustadt factory, which is expected to cut emissions by 50% this year alone.

“We aim to produce the most efficient machines in the market, aligning with our own sustainability goals,” added Juergen Schneyer, Director of Operations, Elmo Rietschle. “Our photovoltaic system, ISO 50001 energy management certification, and strict standards for materials reflect our commitment to quality and sustainability.

“Obviously the target is to have produced our three millionth product by 2033, a target that we are on track for: and the energy efficiency potential for our entire range by that date is stratospheric.”
Elmo Rietschle is owned by Ingersoll Rand Inc.

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