New Schmitz Cargobull Reefers Provide Cool Savings For Dixon International Transport.

12 August, 19

Dublin-based Dixon International Transport has refreshed 10 per cent of its trailer fleet by investing in 30 new Schmitz Cargobull tri-axle reefers, for use on its hygiene-critical contracts.

The new trailers were selected for their low lifetime operating costs and build quality, and will deliver drinks, fresh food produce and pharmaceuticals to customers both in the UK and Ireland.

Glen Morgan, Fleet Manager at Dixon International Transport, says: “Schmitz Cargobull trailers offer real value for money, especially as we’re able to tailor the specification at the point of build to perfectly suit our customers’ needs.

“The trailer’s overall build quality is fantastic too, so we know they will hold their residual value for many years. We’ve been using Schmitz Cargobull trailers for more than a decade and rarely, if ever, need to take them off the road for any kind of major repair work. The aftersales support we get is also excellent, so we benefit from dedicated assistance whenever we need it.”

Each reefer is a like-for-like replacement of an older Schmitz Cargobull model and joins the customer’s 300-strong trailer fleet.

They all incorporate Schmitz Cargobull’s FERROPLAST® side panels for added durability and strength, which are stronger than standard glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and less likely to suffer any cosmetic damage.

Dynamic Ramp Protection (DRP) rollers have been fitted to the bottom of the rear doors to help increase uptime, by absorbing any low-speed impacts when reversing into loading bays.

The latest additions also feature a new non-slip multi-function floor and longitudinal ribs, which allows the interior to be cleaned to pharmaceutical hygiene standards in less than 10 minutes. This makes them ideal for Dixon International Transport’s fleet, where a trailer can be carrying fresh produce in the morning and then loading with pharmaceuticals in the afternoon.

The company also benefits from the peace of mind in knowing it has access to Schmitz Cargobull’s pan-European network of 1,700 authorised service workshops – perfect for supporting one of Ireland’s largest continental hauliers.

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