Temperature Monitoring Of Online Pharmacy Shipments Ensuring Medicine Safety.

8 July, 19

Pharmaceutical goods are often sensitive to many factors. The sensitivity sets distinct challenges to the storing and shipping of products. The monitoring solution needs to both be user-friendly and fulfil the strict legislative requirements. The cooperation between the Association of Finnish Pharmacies (AFP) and Logmore is based on this foundation.

Logmore is a Finnish start-up company founded in 2017. With the first solution in the world to suit end-to-end monitoring, the company’s mission is to minimize waste and spoilage on a global scale by providing effortless monitoring services, designed particularly for food and pharmaceutical industries.

“As the online pharmacy services increase in Finland, cooperation with Logmore allows us to provide our customers with higher quality delivery services than ever before,” says the AFP pharmaceutical manager Charlotta Sandler. The responsibility for correct storing transfers from the pharmacy to the end-customer when the customer receives the delivery.

Logmore offers a compact and easy-to-use data logger that can be used for end-to-end monitoring. This way even the customer can verify product usability by scanning the QR code on the logger’s screen. Due to a recent EU directive requiring a QR code on all prescription medicine packages, the QR is an optimal monitoring method.

The guidelines by AFP and Logmore encourage consumers to return loggers to the pharmacies. “A single logger can monitor shipping temperatures for years before the battery runs out. It’s both economical and ecological to have the devices returned the pharmacies,” says Niko Polvinen, the COO of Logmore.

Pharmacies have received instructions to include monitoring in deliveries especially in temperature sensitive packages, during hot and cold seasons, and for long distances. The collected data should be used for corrective actions to minimize variations in shipping conditions.

For more information contact

Niko Polvinen, COO, Logmore, p. 050 430 4920 [email protected]
Charlotta Sandler, pharmaceutical manager, Association of Finnish Pharmacies, p. 050 543 0411, [email protected]

Logmore (www.logmore.com) is a Finnish company specialized in highly efficient data logging. The company prides itself on smart services and an innovation-centered problem-solving.

The Association of Finnish Pharmacies (Suomen Apteekkariliitto ry, https://www.apteekkariliitto.fi/en/association.html) represents privately owned pharmacies in Finland, provides them services and develops high quality pharmacy and healthcare operations.

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