Wolverhampton Wanderers FC chooses Veraco to protect their stadium, training ground and corporate facilities with hygienic touchpoint solutions.

16 February, 21

Premier League clubs like Wolves face a huge challenge to create a hygienically safe environment in the battle against Coronavirus. Touch surfaces like doors, handles, rails and touch screens are a breeding ground for germs. The rise in demand for new innovative products to help combat bacteria and viruses spreading from person to person has been huge and British company Veraco has been part of that growth and demand. Veraco produces Antimicrobial products that make touch points safer to use and they have been improving hygiene standards for businesses and organisations in education, sport, healthcare, manufacturing and hospitality.

“Stuart Jones from Wolves said, ‘We have to do as much as we can to create an environment that’s safe, hygienic and clean'”

The technology uses ‘Silver Ions’ that break down the biological makeup of dangerous pathogens, killing 99% of common bacteria and superbugs on touch, as well as being effective against Human Coronavirus. Antimicrobial silver technology is not new and has been used in surgical environments for a long time, but the technology now has much broader relevance, so their use at football stadiums like Molineux is understandable and overtime measures like this will become normal.

Stuart Jones from Wolves said, ‘We have to do as much as we can to create an environment that’s safe, hygienic and clean and especially on match days and at our training ground. Working with Veraco has been great and in my opinion, it’s products like these that are the new standard of hygiene now and for the future.”

Harrison Dingle from Veraco said, “We are thrilled to be supplying our products to Wolves and to be part of helping them meet the new challenges they are facing. Working with them is a great milestone in our mission to create affordable, easy to install solutions for all hygiene critical touchpoints.’

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